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We're here to keep it real, raw, and relatable—what it means to be The Confident Woman.

Rachel Brooks and Erin Klein vow to show up as their true authentic, transparent, and vulnerable selves and talk about everything, including confidence, body image, love, relationships, business, finances, health, fitness, freedom, and fun, all rolled into one!

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For women who want to experience more... more connection, community, and collaboration. When you get out of your own way, you never know who you're going to meet - personally, professionally, or relationally  - now let's have fun!

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Life is better together! We are a community of ambitious, heart-centered, passion and purpose-driven women, just like you, on a journey to becoming our best and most confident selves. Join our (free) no judgment, safe space community where you are free to be exactly who you're created to be! 

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Your One-Stop-Shop for all the things - digital courses, fitness programs, lifestyle products, journals, planners, notebooks, apparel, and activewear - to help you transform your life and become your best and most confident self.

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Meet Rachel


Rachel Brooks is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author of Chasing Perfection, Host of The Confident Woman Podcast, Creator + Founder of The Confident Woman Collective and I am Athletics.

She empowers women to own who they truly are, and start living life and business with freedom, passion, and purpose. As a part of her mission, Rachel has taken years of fears, failures, setbacks, and extreme loss and created simple, yet powerful, lessons that help women transform their lives and become their best and most confident selves. 

You have the power to create your own story.

Step into who you're created to be, The Confident Woman.